Toddler Gift Guide

Toddlerhood is the golden age of play and we have learned a lot watching our toddlers play (or not play) with many different toys. Over the past year we have made a conscious effort to ditch the flashy, one hit wonder toys and opt in for more open-ended options. They are simpler, sure, but it’s amazing to see what they can become when your child’s imagination takes off. While we introduced many of these toys at toddler age, my preschooler still finds them engaging and I imagine will continue to do so as they grow.

Wooden Blocks are the mack-daddy of open-ended toys and this standard set is a crowd pleaser at my house.

Large Trucks are a hot item for both indoor or outdoor play. They are simple but effective, no batteries needed to power some serious fun. Check out the dump truck too!

Play Farm with Animals is a easy win and this set is loved by both of my toddlers. From singing along with the songs to taking care of the animals, it’s a wonderful addition to our playroom.

If a Play Kitchen is in the cards for you this year, get ready for it to steal the show. This kitchen has only a few sounds which allows for your child to really ignite their imaginations. I love the carrots and beets included!

Play food is in order if a play kitchen is in your plan. This farmers’s market set has all the fruits and veggies, but we also have wooden sets like these and these!

These squigz suction to flat services which makes this super fun for rainy days indoors (my poor windows) and creating towers with. We use them with these little people.

Train Sets are great for both building and interacting with pretend play. I love this set since it has a storage bin included, but it is also worth investing in a pricier set to build on over time.

Puzzles are such a great way to get their little brains going. Choose one to gift that helps capture their attention, like animals or get a custom one with their name!

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