Meet Chelsea

I am a working mama with one little nugget (and one on the way!) still trying to find out how to balance the whole work/life/play thing. I’m just here to pass along some of my life hacks, inspire you to try something new, give you my honest reviews of the products I am trying, and of course provide you with a little dose of humor.

I am married to my best friend from college, Chris, and we work at the same company which is actually really convenient and we love it. If it wasn’t for our mutual work place we wouldn’t have even met! We were introduced through a mutual friend when looking for roomates for our summer internship. Before then he was just the annoyingly smart kid who sat in the back of class, joked around, was disruptive but knew all the answers – you know the type. I was the nerd in the front row feverishly taking notes, annoyed at everyone, and was always paying attention. The saying is true though – opposites attract!

I am originally from Upstate NY – true upstate, not just above the city – and we relocated to RTP North Carolina in 2017 for the industry. It was hard moving away from our entire support system, especially once we welcomed Porter to the family, but I have relied on the amazing support of new and old friends in various stages of motherhood to help guide me. There is something so unifying about going through this journey together and I have found that, most often, women really love supporting each other. I hope to bring some of that same support and positivity to you no matter what part of the journey you are on.

One thing is constant – I have a serious love of food. I am drawn to rich, textured recipes that fill both my belly and soul. Now that I’m a mama, I have found new ways to satisfy the foodie in me even with the time constraints of having a baby(ies) at home. I believe that a delicious, well-rounded meal doesn’t needs to take hours or be complicated and I prefer to be able to prepare it relaxed, with wine in hand.

After years of people asking me to send them recipes of food I post, or for my opinion on the newest thing I am trying with Porter, or wondering where I got my latest decor, I thought maybe there may be some people out there that would be interested in this besides my family and close friends. So here I am! I promise to keep it real, keep it fun and I look forward to sharing it all with you.