Top 10 Baby Items

Elvie Pump || Avent Glass Bottles || DockATot || Hatch Rest+ || Nanit || Boppy Pillow || Hatch Grow || Björn Bouncer || Muslin Swaddles || UppaBaby Travel System (Mesa and Vista)

These are my top 10 favorite baby items which include some of my most requested recommendations from other mamas and mamas-to-be! All of the products below I own and can personally attest to loving which is the only way I would recommend them to you.

Elvie Pump

If you have read my Elvie Pump Review then you already know how much I love this pump. This has changed the game for me and made pumping so much easier and hassle free. I love the portability and the near silent operation which makes pumping possibly virtually anywhere.

Avent Glass Bottles

Did you know that you shouldn’t reuse plastic bottles once they have fogged- which means you’ll most likely need to get replacements but you also can’t hand them down to the next baby? Glass bottles on the other hand will last for years and do not absorb contaminants or start to smell. I know glass sounds scary but don’t worry- they are surprisingly durable and can go directly from fridge to bottle warmer and will withstand falls from the stroller. If you need any more convincing, note that glass is made of, well, glass and is naturally toxic material free. If you are breastfeeding, be sure to pick up a pack of size 0 nipples as well! You will use these (and only these) the entire time you are breastfeeding!


Admittedly I didn’t really understand the use of the DockATot at first, and we used it some with Porter but not nearly as much as we use it with Cole. I use this puppy every day whether on the couch, bed, or floor! The DockATot is used to, as it states, dock your baby wherever you may need to but is also great for playing, lounging, and supervised napping or resting. You can even utilize this for tummy time! I also love that the material undergoes stringent safety testing, is free of flame retardants and heavy metals and phthalate, plus it’s breathable and hypoallergenic.

Hatch Rest+

I love this sound machine so much that it comes with us on any family vacations. Yes, I know its a pretty price for a sound machine but it is so much more. It is my nursing night light, it’s an integral part of our before bed routine which provides sleep cues for the boys, audio monitor, alarm clock and sleep trainer. This is a machine they will use for life! I also love that it is programmable. We can utilize that feature for when we wean off white noise or when creating a gentle waking cycle. I really would love to get the ‘adult’ version for us too!


This wasn’t my first baby monitor, but when we repeatedly kept running into issues with our first one we made the switch to Nanit and we could not be happier with our decision. I know some may be weary on a WiFi enabled monitor but I can assure you Chris and I looked into this extensively before buying and we feel very comfortable with it’s security measures. The Nanit has a very well thought out design, great AI features which deliver impressive insights, an easy to use app, and a great quality camera (though we are tempted to upgrade to the Pro so we can see the all of the cuteness now in 1080p). If you are worried about drilling into the wall, it also comes with a floor stand option as well!

Boppy Pillow

The boppy is not just a nursing pillow, it’s an arm saver. Anyone who finds themselves holding a baby for a long period of time knows that deep arm ache that begins shortly afterwards. So before you or any guest settles down to gobble up those precious baby snuggles, grab this pillow before! If your master bedroom is not on the same floor as your primary living space I suggest going ahead and getting two- you’ll thank me later. This should also be on your hospital bag checklist!

Hatch Grow

If no one has already told you, get a wipeable changing pad. No one wants to do extra laundry. We originally had the SkipHop changing pad but there times that you really need to know baby’s exact weight (like administering infant medications) and your last office visit was months ago and no one wants to hold an infant and hop on and off a scale in the middle of the night. So I swore I would get the Hatch Grow the next time around and, again, I am so happy I did. It is much sturdier than our previous changing pad so I don’t worry about it moving around under a wiggly baby. Plus we love watching our baby grow! The scale is super accurate (within 0.25 ounces), and I love using the app to not just track his weight but log his feedings, diapers and look at his overall development curve!

Björn Bouncer

If there was any #1 must have for a baby registry item, it is this one. This bouncer is a life saver and can be used from newborn all the way to age 2. I love the smart, safe, ergonomic design and its super durable (we used to call this the poop chair for a reason). If you’ve seen my Instagram stories, you know that this is how we typically get through dinner time. The bouncer adjusts to three different angles which is a huge help if you need to keep your baby upright for long periods after a feeding. My favorite feature though is its ability to fold flat and easily tuck away.

PBK Muslin Swaddles

Anyone who has ever had a baby shower can tell you that people love to gift swaddles, so believe me when I say we have a ton of them. However, Chris and I emphatically agree that no other swaddle performs as well as these muslin swaddles. They are huge with the perfect amount of give to make a truly excellent swaddle for even the best escape artists. We have the Star Wars set and love all the other beautiful options they have as well (they just came out a Where The Wild Things Are set)! A swaddle is so much more than just a swaddle, they are great for nursing cover ups, shade during walks, play blankets and are essential for traveling with.

UppaBaby Travel System

There are a lot of travel options out there but overall I am so glad we went with the UppaBaby system for a number of reasons. First, when looking at car seats I wanted one that had the highest safety rating and an easy installation. The Mesa is the only infant car seat that has a unique technology which utilizes a tightness and self retracting LATCH connector for fast, easy and accurate installation. Additionally the Henry and Jordan color options are made from Merino wool which contain no fire retardant chemicals but still pass federal safety standards. Once I chose the Mesa, the Vista was an obvious choice for us knowing we were going to have more than one baby because it easily converts to a double stroller (and even has an additional spot for a third). Plus for parents that are very much on the go, I wanted a stroller big enough to hold all our stuff but durable enough to stand up to long walks, air travel, and trips to the farmers market hauling all those veggies! While you can take the car seat on and off the stroller with the push of one button (which is sooo nice), the Vista also comes with the bassinet attachment and a rumble toddler seat.

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