Elvie Pump Review

Never did I imagine I would be in between doctors appointments, driving down I-40 while pumping on a silent, tube free, cord free breast pump – but thank goodness here we are! This is the type of fluid technology I have been waiting for to make a Mama’s life easier when on the go and especially when chasing a toddler around. I mean I know I am a little Type-A but any multitasking mama who wants a bump in productivity is going to love love love this pump!

A Look Inside The Box

Shown drying on my lawn – a must have for bottles and pump parts!

I bought the two pump set since I was used to tandem pumping with Porter but now that Cole only nurses on one side, I could have gone with the single pump option. However, it is nice to have the spare charged hub and bottles on really hectic days! Shown above is all that is included after I washed and sterilized the pieces: (2) Hubs, (4) BPA free Bottles, (2) 24mm Breast Shields, (2) 28mm Breast Shields, (4) Valves, (4) Spouts, (4), Seals, (4) Storage Lids, (4) Bra Adjusters, (2) USB Charging Cables, (2) Carry Bags and an instruction booklet.

The Fit and Function

The pump fits directly on your breast with the motor located within in the hub. Each set of the breast shields have a black line located within the shield to measure your nipple so you know which size suits you. The smaller size that was included fit me well but they do have additional size (21mm) available for purchase if needed. You’ll need two hands initially to get set up with the 5 pieces necessary for use. After it’s assembled and properly positioned directly against your breast you’ll start the cycle. The pump will start in stimulation mode and will change over to expression mode automatically. Once your let down occurs you can let it do its thing or, for extra security, clip it in directly to your nursing bra (which you may want to do if you fully fill the bottles). You will need a good amount of support to keep them in place, I tried pumping in a loose sleep nursing cami (10/10 don’t recommend) so make sure the girls, and your pump, are held up well.

The App

This is probably my favorite part! I love this app and found it really easy and intuitive to use. After you get the pump situated you can control it from either the buttons directly on the hub or you can initiate the session or change settings from the app such as the suction intensity and the side the hubs are on (left or right). It also shows you the estimated volume of milk collected which is great because you can’t actually see the milk when using the pumps. My favorite feature is that it automatically stops pumping when you have reached capacity so no need to monitor or worry about overflowing. The app comes with additional features and insights like milk flow, average session time, and milk volume.

The Drawbacks

Pumping for the first time- my husband called me Iron Man which he found hilarious

No product is completely perfect, although this one nearly is, so there are a few drawbacks to the Elvie from my use so far. While pumping your breasts may look comically large but honestly only to you. While they are discrete they will be noticeable in certain wardrobes so I would suggest a heavier material shirt (like cotton) or having a scarf handy to mask their appearance. On first use I didn’t notice the light shining through my athletic top (Chris called me Iron Man – ha ha) but I haven’t had the issue on other shirts I wear. The suction on the Elvie is not as strong as my Madela Freestyle or Spectra S1 and thus isn’t as efficient in the allocated pumping time. Therefore this won’t be a good choice if you are actively trying to increase your supply. However, it is great for wearing around the store, in the office, or during a drive so I am not focused as much on time and efficiency as I am on ease of use.


Not only has the Elive help minimize the hassle of bringing a pump around, it has made where I can pump nearly boundless. I can easily throw a fully assembled pump right in my purse and have it ready to go whereas before I had to lug around a separate tote just for my pump and equipment. It is sleek, quiet, well designed and charges completely with a micro USB in two hours. I love how the pump and app are extremely easy to use and it’s easy to clean. In hindsight I am glad I got the two pump set just because I have extra bottles but you can get additional bottles to have on hand too! I purchased mine through Amazon with my HSA but you can check to see if your insurance qualifies for coverage here and then buy directly on their site.

Have any more questions on the Elvie pump? Leave a comment below!

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