Diaper Bag Necessities

Diapers || But how many? I would always plan on 1-2 diapers for every 2 hours we were going to be gone.. and then I would times by two! Typically I would have around 10 diapers in my bag at once but if you are going to be gone for longer periods of time make sure you plan accordingly. I have always used this brand of diaper and I think they have an amazing absorption rate. Porter rarely ever gets diaper rash and I attribute it to these diapers!

Portable Sound Machine || This little sound machine is mighty and so so useful. Silence is a very weird thing for your little one since they are used to the noise in your womb for 40 weeks. It is actually pretty loud in there! I love this particular product because the decibels are safe for babies and it is perfect for on the go.

Wipes || This one is a no brainer. I have at least one large pack of wipes with me at all times. This brand is my personal favorite since they are delicate for baby’s sensitive skin, eco friendly, hypoallergenic and strong as a mother.

Hand Sanitizer || I always have at least two bottles on hand because trust me when I say diaper changes happen in some really weird places sometimes. I am prone to very dry hands so I opt for sprays without fragrance like this one to keep my skin healthy.

Poop Baggies || If there is one item on this list I am emphatic about you needing, it’s this one. Poop happens, and it happens big time. You will always remember your first blow out (Target, July 29th, 2019) and these really aren’t as much for your diapers as they are the clothes that are now painted by your beloved infant. This will keep them secured and your bag fresh until you get home. They are also great for messy diaper disposal on the go like at parks or playgrounds.

Alternate Outfit || As mentioned above you are going to run into a multitude of messy situations so its always have, at bare minimum, a onesie on hand. Depending on the weather you’ll need things to layer on but I always kept a spare sleep and play or one piece suit on hand as well.

Miniature Go Bag || One of my tips and tricks is to have a secondary ‘go bag’ within your diaper bag. It doesn’t need to be crazy just a large cute pouch will do! If you are just running in to a store really quick you don’t want to lug around your entire diaper bag with you, especially if you also carry your purse. In my go bag is two diapers, a smaller pack of wipes (like a travel size or 36 count), hand sanitizer and a couple of poop baggies!

Baby Items || A favorite toy or two like a teether or rattle would be great to have on hand. I always packed crinkle books which were an early favorite for sensory play. Spare swattles/thin blanket are always good to have on hand and can be used for a multitude of things like laying baby on the ground, for spit up, or for draping over the stroller. If you use a pacifier you should have those packed and you can store them in a little holder or use a pacifier wipes to keep them clean.

Sling/Carrier || I always had my sling in my bag since it is such an easier way to walk around with baby. Not only does it allow you to keep them close, but extended time in a car seat isn’t great for baby’s bodies or safety. I love this brand since it is made by a network of professional seamstresses and mamas working flexibly from home. This also works great as a breastfeeding cover on the go!

Breastfeeding Supplies || Really you don’t need additional supplies but what you will need is water! Always make sure you are always carrying your water bottle with you. I love this water bottle because it kept cold and I never had to worry about leaks. It’s also a nice size to have on the go.

Formula Supplies || If you are formula feeding you don’t want to carry around the whole can with you so have formula dispensers on hand and the appropriate amount of bottles you’ll need.

Feeding & Snacking || Once your little one reaches the age when they are supplementing with food it’s a good idea to have snacks on hand. They are hungry ALL the time. When we first started I used a fresh food feeder to help experiment with different table foods since we did Baby Led Weaning. Now I always pack a snack catcher with snacks which allows them to grab food without it spilling everywhere. I also love having these packets on hand if I am in a pinch for time!

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