The SlumberPod

Planning an upcoming trip with baby? If you are anything like me then you are probably stressing about room sharing and/or sticking to some semblance of sleep schedule. Especially if your child is anything like Porter who will, at the very first drop of light, be up with the birds. I have attempted MacGyver like moves attaching blankets to windows to create a “blackout” environment -which never works by the way- and have even put his crib in a hotel bathroom, which does work but is really inconvenient for both mom and dad.

When a friend of mine told me about the SlumberPod I was definitely hesitant to get another baby product. Especially since it already feels I am packing for a full sized human whenever we go out of town (how do they have SO much stuff) and I didn’t want to lug around another thing with us. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how compact and lightweight the SlumberPod is and how conveniently it fit into my carry on.

Fits easily in a carry on

Set up is super easy and I was able to get it situated on my own. At first glance I was a little worried about airflow but the ventilation pockets work perfectly and the temperature stayed really even; which I could tell since I bought a monitor that measured temperature. There was even a little side pocket with a clear interior lining for my monitor which I really appreciated. I have only used the SlumberPod with a Pack-And-Play (which it fits over perfectly) but I can also see this working for a travel crib or other smaller versions. It is a little large (think about the size of a Pack-And-Play) so in tiny spaces it will feel cramped, though the space in most hotel rooms or vacation rentals should be sufficient.

Set up in the curtainless lake rental loft.
Worked like a dream!

The blackout quality is superb; I went under it myself to test it out and was really happy with the quality of the lightweight fabric. The first time I used the SlumberPod I still drew all the curtains since I was unsure of how well it would work but now I am confident there really is no need. We recently rented a lake house in the mountains that had zero curtains or blinds (I mean who would with the views) but I am so thankful I already had my SlumberPod and I didn’t spend a minute stressing about where and how Porter would sleep.

My first trip with the SlumberPod was all it took to be convinced. Instead of Porter protesting day time naps where he is over stimulated by the sunlight, he went down instantly in the SlumberPod. In the beginning he would let out a cry or two in protest but it was so dark inside that he would immediately grab his bunny, settle in, and take a killer nap. I’m talking 1.5-2 hour quality naps- as good as he gets at home!

Overall the SlumberPod was 100% a worthy investment for us and I highly recommend it if you plan on traveling with your littles. It is one of those products I wish I had gotten sooner but am so happy I found and will still get use out of in the future (you can use this up to 5 years of age with a travel cot). I found the setup intuitive and was able to set it up on my own without help, but there are instructional videos that are easy to follow if you need a visual guide. It fits well in a carry-on or larger suitcase so I barely noticed bringing it along and it folds back effortlessly in the travel case. Thinking about sleeping arrangements while traveling no longer fills me with anxiety and I feel confident Porter is going to get a great night sleep no matter the destination.

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