Nanit Review

Trying to decide on a baby monitor? Heard about the Nanit but unsure of if this monitor is for you? In this review I share why we made the switch to this cloud based baby monitor, the specifics on the tech such as security, WiFi, and insights, and why I believe it’s well worth the price tag.

Let me start this by saying I had zero intention of getting a Nanit. In fact, as two parents who work in the technology sector, we really wanted a monitor that didn’t run on WiFi since those that don’t are more secure since they are “unhackable”. [Yes that actually happens, and it’s terrifying] I also thought I wouldn’t want a baby monitor on my phone because I couldn’t simultaneously do important phone tasks (read: peruse instagram and online shop) and watch my baby sleeping so adorably at the same time. So, for these reasons I decided to go in another direction.

The saying is true – you live and you learn.

We started off with a really great monitor the Infant Optics DXR-8. It seemed like a perfect option, it checked off all the boxes, it was secure, and it came with this cute little screen with an antenna. The battery life was good and it was small enough to take with us when we traveled. There was just one problem… it lost signal all the time. Not even moving around to deep areas of the house (like a basement or outside) but just sitting in one spot watching TV. I would adjust the antenna or move the entire unit to try to find the “sweet spot” but it was so disruptive. Even in the middle of the night! I would wake up to its incessant lost signal beeping- and you know how precious sleep is to a parent. Since it happened all the time I became anxious that the signal would give out mid slumber and I wouldn’t be able to hear Porter cry – which believe me when I say my first time mom anxiety needed zero more triggers.

So… what gives! This was supposed to be the perfect monitor.

If you look at the description for the Infant Optics monitor you’ll see the following: “Video and audio is transmitted via a secure 2.4 GHz channel”. Do you know what also runs on 2.4 GHz band? Literally WiFi. Remember how I told you we work in tech? Well, in true techy fashion our entire house is enabled; from our Google Home Max, individual Philips Hue light bulbs, Nest Thermostats and Doorbell, our Apple TVs… I mean we have devices everywhere. So our baby monitor signal was this cute little bus driving down a 6 lane highway at peak rush hour in downtown LA. Talk about interference.

I had had it with sleepless nights worrying about being able to hear my baby. We decided to make the switch.


I went and did a little research on the Nanit and found out it features 256-bit encryption and it is HIPPA-compliant which basically means that it classifies its data as sensitive health information and adheres to federally set standards for the handling, storage, and processing of such sensitive information. I really appreciated the care the company has put into the product. That information coupled with my husband’s affinity for home network security made me feel comfortable with purchasing.


As soon as we received our Nanit in the mail I was so excited to get it up and mounted above the crib. I was happy to find that in addition to the data security, they also took safety in mind when creating the cable management system which tucks cords away from wantering little fingers with elbow connectors and cable covers. The monitor mounts directly above the crib which gives a true birds eye view of your sleeping babe. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate the wide angle lens which allows me to see Porter at all times, even throughout his sleep gymnastics routine.


The app is really intuitive which helps with ease of use. They have plenty of different monitoring and alert options with variable sensitivity such as sound, motion and room temperature. When we are out and about during the day our Nest Thermostat is set to go into Eco Mode. On a particularly hot day away I got a notification that Porter’s room was going above the threshold and I was able to hop over to our Nest App and start cooling his room in preparation for his (very overdue) nap time.


You can view events and daily sleep habits right on the app’s dashboard. In addition, Nanit saves little video clips of Porter’s night time activities and gives you a happy/sad expression on the summary to indicate if he had a good night. I love having those data points at my fingertips which helps me remember when his last wake up was or how long he had been sleeping. The machine learning on this device is simply incredible. On our previous monitor we would be adjusting the picture and try zooming in to tell if Porter was finally asleep. Nanit picks up on all the little subtleties- eyes closing, body relaxing into the perfect spot. It can precisely tell you the moment they fall asleep by interpreting images.


So what do they do with all of that data? Nanit will use all of the insights to create personalized reports for you through their proprietary algorithm in a feature called Sleep Coach. The algorithm and methodologies behind the tool were derived with consultations from leading experts within the pediatric sleep medicine field. It gives suggestions on how to get your child to sleep in later and when to wait a few extra minutes to see if they can soothe themselves back to sleep. It is literally like having your own personal sleep consultant in the palm of your hand. Since Porter was already sleeping through the night by the time we made our switch we regrettably didn’t get to benefit much from this feature. However, we will be starting with Nanit right off the bat for Baby #2.


And let’s talk about range… its unlimited. No more losing signal or worrying about interference. Heck, I even made a user profile for my Father in NY to be able to check up on him when he needs an adorable baby fix. If you have reliable wifi where the Nanit is and your phone has cell service or is connected to the wifi network – you are connected to your baby anywhere. Yes, I have snuck a peek at him when Chris and I were having dinner at a date night (I can’t help myself) but that is something I wouldn’t have been able to do with our previous monitor. I can also do work all around the house or yard and not have to worry about multiple floors of separation interfering with the signal.

In The End

I truly wish I made the switch sooner but am so happy with our Nanit. I just discovered that they sell a separate Multi Stand which will be perfect for traveling since the camera can easily dismount from the wall. If you are looking for a great long-term investment that is going to keep returning value to you then this is the best monitor we have come across. Even after having it for the past two months I can emphatically say that this hits all the important notes and then some. It has unlimited range, great security features, beautiful camera quality and proactively helps to your child get the best night’s sleep. What else could you ask for!

I hope my review was helpful! Feel free to check out other reviews from buyers and see if this monitor is right for you too.

Precious moments captured giving Porter his good night hug – all thanks to Nanit!

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